The Most Recent Season Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you don't see Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you want to. It's among the greatest comedy shows on television at this time. With a throw starring Andy Samburg (who can be a producer on the series), Terry Crews, and Andre Braugher, how can you fail? Since year 4 ended on a cliff hanger, I couldn't wait for season 5's premiere back in September. It's already been a wild ride, with a cannibal cell-mate, a union proposal, and a cell phone spy app employed like a plot device. This show just gets better and better. Keep reading for my initial ideas around 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jake's Release From Prison

At the conclusion of season 4, Hawkins eyeglasses both Jake and Rosa at a bank robbery. They're even found guilty when they go to trial and so are both sent to jail. Above all else, I always wanted to find how Jake could find a way outside. {I also really enjoyed his interactions with his own jailmate, '' who's a cannibal. While he works on an undercover mission for the jail warden, the rest of the 99 uses a cell phone spy app to look for evidence of Jake's and Rosa's innocence on Hawkins' phone. Unfortunately, both plans fall through.I won't spoil how they were freed, but it was a satisfying conclusion that will almost certainly show up again later on.

The Proposal

That part, but I'll stink -- it's simply too exciting to maintain myself. Since the show's first episode, I thought Amy and Jake would be the perfect couple. They didn't officially begin dating before beginning of season 3, however it had been worth the wait. They truly are always supportive and looking out for one another, though they will have such distinct personalities. At the most recent episode, the annual Halloween, Jake finally popped the question. There is no cliff hanger here. Amy instantly said yes and the couple announced their participation to the rest of the squad.

In general, Brooklyn Nine-Nine combines amusing humor with interesting, fun plots and realistic character development. Season 5 surely doesn't disappoint thus far. If you haven't already, you watch the whole show, along with the newest episodes even on Hulu.

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